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Cupcakes and Colas  

Our monthly Girl's Night Out event! Watch for the next date to be posted!

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Currently accepting: 

We are now accepting Fall consignments: Think COOL weather. Long sleeves, lightweight sweaters and jackets, collegiate tees, sweatshirts, etc.. NO shorts, spaghetti straps or summer attire. No COLD weather clothing. 

Name brand, clean clothing, neatly stacked or on hangers - which will be returned to you. NO clothing that needs ironing, NO clothing stuffed in bags. 

Ask us about trading your clothes for new to you clothing! 













About Us

A unique shopping experience, right in the heart of Historic Downtown Arab. 

    It is inevitable that if you take four daughters and put them into a family that has an exceptionally creative mother - it's going to spill over into their lives. Jewelry, art, lampworking, soap making, fabric art, mosaic work, doll house miniatures, dog clothes, furniture painting, wood work, scrap booking, altered art, assemblage art, the list goes on and on... it finally got to the point where our closets, dining room tables, and spare rooms just couldn't hold it all.. so we opened a small retail shop ... which is now overflowing!

     Dots opened in late April, 2000. We started as a consignment shop/gallery for local artists and crafters, offering space for local artists to show their work without the dreaded job of dragging everything to a craft show and hoping it didn't rain! We have offered a variety of classes since that first year including art, beading, clay work, crochet classes and much more. How fun it is to share the knowledge of a particular craft project with someone and see them use their creativity! We have so much fun that we stopped calling them classes several years ago and now refer to our learning time as PARTIES!

     We expanded into collectible/vintage items on consignment in 2006, and added the resale clothing and accessories in April of 2011 when our neighbors at Scotts First Avenue retired, taking on a 5 year established resale clothing shop. To house it all, we expanded our floor space by relocating from 11 First Avenue to 15 First Avenue - just next door. But the new building is much larger AND we will have two entrances soon! When we finish with our remodel and expansion, you will be able to enter on First Ave, or from the parking lot entrance on Hwy 69, right behind The Flower Exchange.

     So why DOTS? We get asked that a lot. And we get called DOT a lot. We won't correct you - to us being called Dot is a good thing. Dot was our "exceptionally creative" and much loved mother and since she is the reason we do what we do, we decided to rename our shop to Dots in 2011 to honor her. 

     With a large selection of gifts, clothing, art, jewelry, and much more in the shop - classes, fundraising and tons of special events, we have something for everyone. We hope you stop by soon!

Dots Art & Gifts

15 First Ave NW
Arab, AL 35016

Tuesday - Thursday 10:00 - 6:00
Friday & Saturday 10:00 - 5:00


Dots Art & Gifts 15 First Ave NW Historic Downtown Arab
Tuesday - Thursday 10:00 - 6:00, Friday & Saturday 10:00 - 5:00
2000-2015 Dots Art & Gifts