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Locally Handcrafted
We love locally made gifts and art, and are proud to feature many local artisans and craftsmen and women at  Dots. We sell art, handmade gifts, crocheted items, handmade jewelry, seasonal gifts and decor, woodcrafts, small handpainted furniture, wreaths, floral designs, and more. The more unique, the better!

If you are an artist, or a crafter, come by and talk to us about consigning. There is no fee unless the item sells, then you receive 70% of the selling price. You set your prices - although we can consult with you about what we think the local market will pay, the decision is ultimately yours. Our 30% fee comes out of the price you set, so be sure you include enough to cover your expenses. 

We try not to take overly similar items that another artist has already consigned with Dots, and of course, we must have the space for your items. Seasonal items are accepted 60 days prior to the holiday, except Christmas which is 90 days.

Just stop by with samples, and/or pictures of your work and we'll get your account set up and start selling for you!
Ladies Resale Clothing

I want to give you a quick and easy way to try and make a little money on the things hanging in your closet. Basically, bring me name brand, clean, ironed clothing and we'll go from there. I'm consigning brands from the mall stores, boutiques and specialty shops. Those are what our customers are looking for - and they are bargain shopping! Styles must be no more than 3 years old unless it's an item that fits our Vintage Rack!

Consignment means you leave the items with us for 60-90 days, and you get 50% of the selling price on items that sell, less the buyers fee. Trade means we go through the items and pick what we think we can sell, and offer you up to 35% of the price we think we can get for each item. The trade credit is instant, and you can spend it on resale clothing and accessories only.

You can consign 25 clothing items and 25 accessories each week. You can bring more items each week. The 25 item limit gives me time to process the intakes and keep new items going out weekly.

Scroll down this page to read a more detailed list of what we accept, brands we don't accept and the most common reasons we decline items.      

Mens Clothing
Men's Clothing
Men's clothing consignment or trade works exactly like the women's consignment and trade, except we only accept men's shirts, khaki pants, dress pants and jeans. We accept jackets and sweaters in the appropriate seasons.

We do not accept vests, suit coats or suits or ties.

You can consign 25 clothing items and 25 accessories each week. You can bring more items each week. The 25 item limit gives me time to process the intakes and keep new items going out weekly.

Scroll down this page to read a more detailed list of what we accept, brands we don't accept and the most common reasons we decline items.

If a woman can wear it, carry it, or accessorize with it, we probably consign it!

Our customers love the accessories to go with their new outfits. A piece of jewelry, pair of shoes, hat, scarf, or purse can complete almost any outfit. So when you are going through your closet to pick what to bring, don't forget the accessories: costume and vintage jewelry, hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, purses, wallets, key chains, sunglasses, etc. Accessories must be clean, in gently used condition and current styles. Vintage items may be accepted if they fit in with our Vintage Rack requirements.
Vintage & Collectibles
Vintage and Collectibles
Redecorating your house? Downsizing? Inherit your mom's salt and pepper shaker collection? We can help you! We consign a small amount of vintage and collectible items. With our great customer base AND our eBay and Etsy shops, we have a market to try and help you sell those great items you are ready to let go! Vintage and collectible items are chosen on a case by case basis. Bring some photos of what you have, or email us, and we'll see what we can do to help you turn those items into cash.

Consignment varies from 90 days to 180 days, depending on the items. You get 50% of the selling price on items that sell in the shop. Online sales are 50% of the net, after online selling fees.
Craft Supplies We've all done it.... gotten excited about a new craft project, and run out and bought a bunch of supplies, either never using them or getting bored and moving on. All crafters have boxes of supplies they'll never use again, or maybe "one day".

Let me help you turn those items into cash, so you can move on to other fun crafting projects. Loose items like skeins of yarn should be bagged together and clearly labeled with information including yardage, types, brands. Kits should contain all parts. All items like stamps, ink pads, tools, etc.. must be in working order.

Stop by and talk to me about what you have and we'll work out the details
Vintage Apparel
& Accessories
What's old is new again! Good vintage clothing is always in demand. We've had a small selection of vintage clothing and we're looking to expand that during our current remodel project. What is Vintage? Styles from the 1980's or older that are in good condition, clean and wearable. Dresses, coats and aprons are the hottest items, but we take other items also. We'll be glad to look through your items and let you know which ones meet our market's demands.

How to turn your closet into cash!

  • I'll never fit into that again!   • The color isn't me!
  • I don't like the way that fits!  • I can't believe Aunt Eloise gave me *that*!
  • Wow, that's been here six months and the tags are still on it!

If you’ve made any of these statements -  it’s time clean out the closet! Before you donate the items, let's try to make you some money. Bring your gently worn jeans, dress pants, skirts, dresses, blouses, jackets and blazers, office wear, leggings, slips, pajamas, etc. We can consign the items, or do an instant trade for store credit.

How it works:

Clothing must be gently used.

Check for holes, spots, pulls and pills, missing buttons, loose hems, working zippers, underarm/deodorant stains and pet hair. The most common reason we do not accept an item is because of stains and underarm/deodorant stains.

Clothing must be hanger ready.

All clothing must be neatly folded or on non-returnable hangers. Please do not bring clothes jammed into a plastic bag or wadded up. Wrinkled clothing does NOT sell and will not be accepted. It must be cleaned, pressed and ready for us to place right on a hanger. We'll be glad to iron your items for a $10 per item fee. (Just kidding of course)

Clothing must be in season.

No one will be looking to buy cable knit sweaters in July. We do not have storage rooms at the shop; it must be something we can put directly out onto the sales floor at the time its left for resale.

Don't forget the accessories and other items!

Purses & Wallets - Please check for working zippers, torn or dirty liners, and empty the pockets (although we love finding money hiding in the pockets, we don't enjoy cleaning out tissues and gum wrappers)

Shoes - Sandals, dress shoes, cowboy boots, dress boots, men's dress shoes, etc.. All shoes must be in like new condition and cleaned before arriving. No excessive scuff marks, the insoles should be intact.  

Costume jewelry - Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc… in good condition!

Hats - Western wear, red hats, church hats, vintage hats (no baseball caps, please)

Scarves, Belts, Gloves - In good condition

Costumes/Vintage We consign vintage clothing and accessories from 1980 or older. We also have a large request for decades costumes for school spirit week and Halloween (poodle skirts, pirate shirts, tie dyed t-shirts, 1960's fashions, etc.. ). If you bring a costume, please place all accessories in a ziplock bag and attach them to the costume with a safety pin. 

Holiday wear Sweaters & sweatshirts with holiday designs, party dresses.

Formals/Evening Gowns We accept cruise wear, mother of the bride dresses and party/cocktail dresses. We are not accepting prom or pageant dresses at this time. 

What we won't take:

  • If it looks worn, if it's stained, if it isn't clean, if it's wrinkled, if the fabric is pilled, if it's missing buttons or has a broken zipper…if this is not something you would put on and feel pretty wearing it, it's not saleable.
  • Most t-shirts. There are exceptions: printed t-shirts with sayings, brand names, band names may be accepted. Overly specific t-shirts with a date or team name will not be accepted. (The fact is, no-one else wants a shirt that says your child twirled baton for the Little Town golf team or that you once belonged to the goldfish collecting society)
  • Anything with a corporate logo.
  • Anything that fits like panties/bathing suits. Bras must be in excellent or like new condition to be accepted. Bathing suits must be new with tags.
  • Anything that is out of style, unless it fits our Vintage Rack requirements. Really - if you aren't going to wear that polyester shirt and plaid pants, no one else is either!

And sometimes we won't take an item just because we know from past experience that it won't sell. Please don't be offended by our "no thank yous". The floor space is only so big and just won't hold everything so we have to try and take items that we think will sell.

Other questions:

What sizes do you take?

Women's XS, which translates to Junior or Girls 14/16s all the way to 6X or larger.

What is your pricing policy?

We cannot get "like new" pricing for resale clothing, no matter how "like new" the items are.  We consider the name brand, original selling price, what the market will allow, and generally start with about 50% off the original price. New with tag items are priced higher. Occasionally we find that marketing an item online instead of in the shop is a better way to go.

Who sets the prices?

Dots has complete discretion as to the pricing of items left for resale. However, you may inform us of items you bring that had a higher retail price when new so that we can make an informed decision on resale pricing. This especially applies to formal wear and specific name brands.

How are the prices reduced?

Clothing and accessory items will be full price the first full month in the shop, and  then reduced by 25% after 30 days. After 60 days, the prices are lowered to half price.  Clothing items are typically donated to charity after the consignment period ends. We prefer donating the items, instead of returning them to your closet, but we can make arrangements to return your items to you, if you prefer. 

Evening wear, some Formals and higher end items will be reduced on a slower basis as outlined in your contract.

Will we take items you have made yourself?

Absolutely! Items must be gently worn, clean, and of a quality that they would pass for department store clothing, same as other resale requirements. Also, please indicate the sizes of the clothing as there will be no labels.

When do I get paid?

Payments are made on the 15th of the month for all items that sold the month before.

What happens to the items I bring that are not accepted, or don't sell?

We typically donate the items we can't accept, or that don't sell through the consignment period, to charity.

What if the store runs a sale?

Sale prices come out of our part of the sale. If we have a 20% off sale, you will still receive your 50% and the sale price will reduce our part of the payment. The only exception is seasonal markdowns. Example: Christmas sweaters will be reduced beginning the week before Christmas, no matter how long they've been in the shop.

What is your layaway polices and how do they affect my sales?

Our normal layaway is 30 days. However, for repeat customers and for higher priced items (formals for instance) we may allow for longer layaway periods. Your item will be considered sold at the end of the layaway and payment made the 15th of the following month.

Are there specific items you are searching for?

Always! Right now we have a demand for denim skirts, and men's smaller sized jeans. Ask at any time and we can tell you a list of current "must haves". 

Anything else I should know?

Items brought for resale should be no more than 3-4 years old. Exceptions are made for vintage and trendy items. 

Items without a size or brand tag will be marked lower that other similar items. If you have removed the size tag, please let us know what size the items are, this makes it so much easier to sell!

Its rare that we accept an item that has a name written on the labels.

Is there any small print?

Well, unfortunately in the business world, there always is. While we will do everything possible to keep your items safe, the truth is, your clothing will be hanging on racks available to be touched, handled and tried on by the general public. Obviously we are not planning on letting a kid eating cotton candy run wild through the shop, but sometimes handling will mean a spot or other normal shop wear will occur. And while we do everything we can to prevent theft, fire or other disasters, we cannot be responsible for items lost or stolen under ordinary circumstances, or items damaged by fire or other disaster.

So I want to bring some clothing, what now?

Following the guidelines and information given, go through your clothing (and accessories), pick out 25 qualifying items.  You may call ahead for an appointment and we’ll go through the items with you while you wait, or drop off your items for us to go through later.

What is a buyer's fee? A buyer's fee is added to each item we sell. This is a small fee that helps cover the cost of tagging, displaying (lots of hooks, easels, hangers), time spent researching brands and original selling prices and possibly photographing your items for sale. This does NOT come out of your profits. It is added to each item and paid by the buyer. For items that sell below $5.00, there is no buyers fee. Items selling for $5.00 or more have a 50 cent buyers fee.


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