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Cupcakes and Colas  

Our monthly Girl's Night Out event! Watch for the next date to be posted!

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Currently accepting: 

We are now accepting Fall consignments: Think COOL weather. Long sleeves, lightweight sweaters and jackets, collegiate tees, sweatshirts, etc.. NO shorts, spaghetti straps or summer attire. No COLD weather clothing. 

Name brand, clean clothing, neatly stacked or on hangers - which will be returned to you. NO clothing that needs ironing, NO clothing stuffed in bags. 

Ask us about trading your clothes for new to you clothing! 


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Consignment Policies

clothing resale • local artisan resale • vintage collectibles resale

Turn your closet into cash!

Clothing Resale Information

  • I'll never fit into that again!   • The color isn't me!
  • I don't like the way that fits!  • I can't believe Aunt Eloise gave me *that*!
  • Wow, that's been here six months and the tags are still on it!

If you’ve made any of these statements -  it’s time clean out the closet!

Before donating it.. let's try to make you some money!

What you need to know about resale at Dots:

Dots accepts 25 clothing items and 25 accessories at a time.

You may bring more items every week.  

You will receive 50% of the sell price, less the buyers fee, or 35% instant in-store credit.

Need tips and exact information on what clothing and accessories we accept? click here


We love locally made items and are proud to feature many local artisans and crafters at  Dots.

We sell art, handmade gifts, crocheted items, handmade jewelry, seasonal items, wood items, small handpainted furniture - and more.

If you are an artist, or a crafter, come by and talk to us about consigning. There is no fee unless the item sells, then you receive 70% of the selling price, less the buyers fee.

You set your prices - although we can consult with you about what we think the local market will pay, the decision is ultimately yours. Our 30% fee comes out of the price you set, so be sure you include enough to cover your expenses. 

We try not to take overly similar items that another artist has already consigned with Dots, and of course, we must have the space for your items. Seasonal items are accepted 60 days prior to the holiday, except Christmas which is 90 days.

Just stop by with samples, and/or pictures of your work and we'll get your account set up and start selling for you!

 Vintage and Collectible Items Consignment 

We can help you sell the things you no longer collect! We've helped sell a 35 year teddy bear collection, a salt and pepper collection, a vintage brooch collection, a cookbook collection, glassware, vintage hats, and much more.

You receive 50% of the selling price, less the buyers fee, and the items can be consigned for 6 months. Reductions are at Dots discretion, and many of the items are cross promoted on several online selling sites!

Let us know what you have to sell, and we'll let you know if we have room or need to put you on the waiting list - and let's get those items sold!!!

What is a buyer's fee? A buyer's fee is added to each item we sell. This is a small fee that helps cover the cost of tagging, photographing, displaying (lots of hooks, easels, hangers) and photographing your items for sale. This does NOT come out of your profits. It is added to each item and paid by the buyer. For items that sell below $5.00, there is no buyers fee. Items selling for $5.00 or more have a 50 cent buyers fee.



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